Sewing Birthday Party

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Photo Apr 02, 1 06 30 PM.jpg

Sewing Birthday Party

from 40.00

Have a fun Sewing Party for your Birthday!

$300 for 6 (birthday girl/boy + 5 friends) 3 hours.

$380 for 8 (birthday girl/boy + 7 friends) 3 hours.

Project: reversible tote bag with pocket & decorations.

We will have a blast at this party! Party goers will learn how to use a sewing aching and the sew a tote bag and decorate it too. What a perfect party favor - a fashionable reversible tote bag that they made on their own!

We provide the materials, sewing machines and the instruction while you sit back an relax. You can bring cake, snacks (sewing makes you hungry), drinks and any decorations you might want to bring.

Call or e-mail to schedule the best birthday party ever!

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