I learned to sew probably before I knew how to read. Before I entered 1st grade.

After school I would go over to my best friend Hanna's house and we'd sew new clothes for our dolls. When we got older we started sewing clothes for our selves. I have a few class photos of me wearing clothes I made myself!

I was lucky to be able continue my love for Sewing and Fashion and received Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design with an emphasis on Sewing. After graduating I moved to New York City to work as an Assistant Designer. Ever since then I've worked in the Fashion Industry as a Fashion Designer for companies like Mudd Jeans, Skechers, Soundgirl etc.

In 2008 I started my own collection called SOLDAT TAILORING.

My highlight, so far, has been my 1st runway show on the runways during Los Angeles Fashion Week in 2013. Below are a few images from my collection ;-)

It is very sad to see that sewing is no longer taught at schools. That is one of the major reasons why I wanted to start the Sewing Lab. I am more than excited to be able to teach sewing to kids and adults, and to keep the craft of sewing alive! 

At the Sewing Lab you'll get to sew with top of the line BERNINA 330 sewing machines, these machines are the real deal. Also for most classes all materials are included and projects are based on skill level. It is fun to have a mixed class of beginner and more advanced students, we all learn and get inspired from watching what others are working on.

HOMESCHOOL - We are now approved for the following Charter Schools: Inspire & Excel.


See you at the Sewing Lab!

Camilla Wright